About Sondervig

Sondervig is a settlement and a resort in western Jutland , located 8 km west of Ringkobing in New Sogn out to the North Sea . The building is the last of the primary route 15 and is located in a rural area, originally drained seabed. For centuries, the primary occupation was farming and partly fishing. In recent decades, fisheries, however, been gathered in White Sands , approx. 15 km to the south. Southeast of Sondervig is Ringkobing Fjord . The resort is located in Ringkobing-Skjern and belongs to Region Midtjylland .

Today Sondervig become a resort town, with hundreds of homes and a few hotels . The town tourists a shopping center, supermarket, bowling and waterpark - facilities which were not in Sondervig as late as the mid-1980s. In the former agricultural areas east of the city is laid out a golf course, and there are future plans to build a wellness center and hotel.

On the beach next to Sondervig can find several German bunkers that were built as part of the German occupation coastal fortress during the second World War II