History of Umbita

yacense East, and its people are fully engaged in the work . Its production increased rates charged. Umbita families carry a patriarchal life, love your parcel and goes home where simple and peaceful a life dedicated to work and service of God, because they are distinguished by their rooted Catholicism and the goodness of their customs 

to think mid-century Agricultural Technical Institute, Icabuco in the region, which has been training agricultural technicians Marquez province and promoting local and regional development. On June 13 of the year 1953 opened the way departmental Umbita linking the town with Turmequé, which was established to contribute to the progress of its inhabitants before this date must use a bridle path by Villapinzón. In the same year he built the city hall. 

's territory at a time produced wheat (10,000 loads per year), beans (5,000 loads) and lentil (4,000 loads), and potato (30,000 charges), corn (20,000) and pea ( 5000 loads) that still cultivated. From the 60 chemicals make their appearance which increased the productivity of the potato and the line became the first magnitude but nevertheless deteriorated soil living organisms for over 30 years. 

was chosen in 1988 first mayor by popular vote and began administrative and fiscal decentralization in Umbita and all municipalities in the country, where it has been able to increase the coverage and quality of public services, education, health, culture and urban and rural infrastructure