History of Sapuyes

ven talk to the other Indians, dying in loneliness and helplessness of own. Upon the arrival of the Spaniards in 1536, ruled the tribe of the Cacique Paguayos Sapuyana, peaceful and kind man who underwent character without resistance conquistador Don Sebastian de Belalcazar, Sapuyana was domiciled at the place called today Paja Blanca in Chiltazon, where Belalcazar observe the beauty of Savannah, ordering that the foot of the mountain first trod, was founded in the same year a population of Sapuyes named in memory of the Cacique Sapuyana how kindly was shown to him.

Until the middle of last century, was the most flourishing Sapuyes population of the entire region.
It lived many families of Spanish origin, some of which sported titles of nobility. The streets were so crowded that having no where to build a house more, they built in the gardens, but the buildings remained only large houses of bareque exposed to fire. Indeed, three times Sapuyes was the victim of the flames that reduced almost entirely to the consequence of that before was considered "hammock peoples of the