History of Agua de Dios

lang="EN-US">With Act 104 of 1890 is imposed upon leper total isolation and retainers are implanted in all strategic points which prevented Lazareto healthy people, relatives of patients and prohibited the departure of these out of town without prior authorization.

On August 26th of 1891 a priest Italian of Salesians of Don Bosco , Father Miguel Unia, enters the Lazaretto to accompany the sick and perform his ministry there. 2 The high regard in which the father took the Unia Lazaretto at that time seen with contempt and horror of Colombian society, evidenced by a letter addressed to the Salesian Don Ruain Turin , the first successor of Don Bosco , on August 28 of 1891 :

" What a place so beautiful! The Lazaretto is all surrounded by mountains and hills delicious, thick forests and green meadows looked happy as the horizon covers. sites are truly lovely, and broad valleys that, if cultivate, would fert√≠lisimos. But nobody wants to come here ...: leprosy scares everyone. In Bogota , a distance of as little of these unfortunates, speaking of leprosy, Ave Maria! are frightened, trembling with fear, and do not even want to hear it named. Who Lazareto comes to this subject of public admiration. therefore not easy I return to Bogota. A three-day trip by mule can be beautiful, if you like, but not hot sun offers many attractions to decide one to give this walk: and besides, would fear having to quarantine before entering the capital . " 2

On May 29 of 1894 Water God reaches the young seminarian Variara from Turin to help Father Unia. That same year the Unia father begins to suffer ailments that make you return to Italy