History of Rocas de Santo Domingo

The name comes from its first spa owners, during the colonial period, the Dominican order. The origin of the spa is new and unique. Where had only dunes, thistles and rabbits, entrepreneurs Carlos Cariola, Alfredo Ernesto Bozo Bouey and its construction began. For reasons of topography and climate, Rocas de Santo Domingo was created by model spa Palos Verdes, on the coast of Los Angeles , California , USA. UU. architects Smith and Smith Miller Solar undertook its architectural and urban development. They planted forest and ornamental trees, which were irrigated for years fudres dragged by oxen. In 1942 it was offered for sale the first thousand sites of 1,000 m2 each, which soon rose big houses and gardens.

Today, modern condos have supplemented the picture of Santo Domingo, in the Gran Avenida del Mar are erected two buildings of Paseo del Mar, the housing complex and Santa Marķa del Mar, 8 km to the Route of the Fruit The Condo Las Brisas de Santo Domingo. The choice of street names was given to the Spanish writer Jose Maria Souviron, avoiding the tendency to personal names, except that of Griselda Av, reminiscent Dona Vera Griselda Chacon, particularly its last owner.

The Municipality of Santo Domingo was established under Article 4 of the Law No. 8409 of January 16 of 1946 . The Opening Act dates from Sunday 17 February the same year.That day the Board meets residents of Santo Domingo - in special session - with the assistance of Mr. Arthur Phillips, Demetrio Chacon Ernesto Boso and Osvaldo Martinez.Councilman unable to attend Marquezado Renato. Chaired the Mayor Arthur Phillips who realized that the Executive Decree No. 317 of January 17, 1946, created the first neighborhood committee consisting, besides the mayor, Osvaldo Marquezado to take over the municipal administration until the entry Acting the Municipality of Santo Domingo, thus giving rise to the Municipality of Santo Domingo.

Subsequently the pioneers created the Golf Club and