About Turunc

Turunç is a popular Turkish holiday resort situated in the Marmaris District of MuğlaProvince,Turkey. It's located 20 kilometers south of Marmaris on beautiful bay on Mediterranean seacoast, surrounded by Taurus Mountains.This area is former fishing village and was populated since ancient times as the sea offers a variety of precious resources. Moreover despite of the fast development of that region in recent years Turunc succeed in preserving the nature. A good evidence for the quality of this village as a resort is the Blue Flag award that guarantees clean nature, beaches and sea water. The size of the Turunc is so that you are able to walk from one side to the other for about half an hour, about 1 kilometer. This walk is very pleasant especially if you do in on the waterfront alley. Despite the fact that this resort is smaller there are plenty of shops, restaurants, bazaars and bars. The only weakness is the nightlife but that’s an incentive for a relaxing vacation. The climate is warm and enables the tourist season to be 7 months a year- from April to October