Climate in Gothenburg

Gothenburg has an oceanic climate according to Kppen climate classification. Despite its high northern latitude, temperatures are quite mild throughout the year and much warmer than places in similar latitude, or even somewhat further south, mainly because of the moderating influence of the warm Gulf Stream. During the summer, daylight extends 17 hours, but lasts only around 7 hours in late December.

Summers are warm and pleasant with average high temperatures of 19 to 20 C (66 to 68 F) and lows of 10 to 12 C (50 to 54 F), but temperatures of 2530 C (7786 F) occur on many days during the summer. Winters are cold and windy with temperatures of around -5 to 3 C (23 to 37 F), even though it rarely drops below ?15 C (5 F). Precipitation is regular but generally moderate throughout the year. Snow mainly occurs from December to March, but is not unusual in November and April and can sometimes occur even in October and May