Location of Ciudad del Este

The city, coextensive with the homonymous district, is located in south-eastern Paraguay. Part of a "triangle" known as the Triple Frontier, Ciudad del Este lies in front of the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguaçu (state of Paraná). Separed from it by Paraná River, it is linked by the Friendship Bridge. The Argentine border is located between the neighbouring town of Presidente Franco and Puerto Iguazú (Misiones Province).

Ciudad del Este, along with the towns and districts of Hernandarias and Presidente Franco, forms a metropolitan area named Gran Ciudad del Este (i.e. Greater Ciudad del Este).

The bus terminal is located around 1km South of the city center, a bit hidden behind the large sports stadium on Bernardino Caballero.

*  There are frequent buses from Asunción (5 h) and Encarnación (4 h) in the South