About Mangere

M?ngere (frequently written Mangere) is one of the larger suburbs in South Auckland, in northern New Zealand.

The suburb is located on flat land at the northeastern shore of the Manukau Harbour, to the northwest of the centre of Manukau city and 15 kilometres south of Auckland city centre. It is an important transportation node for the city, being on one of the two State Highways running south from Auckland (State Highway 20), and also being the location for Auckland Airport, which lies close to the harbour's edge to the south of the suburb.

It has four major sub-areas; M?ngere Bridge, M?ngere Central and M?ngere East, with the fourth, Favona in the east, sometimes counted as part of M?ngere as well.

The suburb is named after Mangere Mountain, one of Auckland's largest volcanic cones. The title comes from the M?oriwords 'hau m?ngere' meaning lazy winds, after the shelter the mountain provides from the prevailing westerly wind