About Grand Baie

Grand Baie (or Grand Bay) is a seaside village and large tourist beach in the district of Rivière du Rempart on the island of Mauritius. The village is on the western side of the northernmost point of Mauritius and was the site of the British Invasion of Isle de France in November 1810.

Grand Baie may well be the most renowned village in Mauritius. It owes its popularity to the enchanting quality of its emerald waters and to its liveliness by day or by night. It offers facilities for safe swimming, sailing, windsurfing, and water skiing, and is also the departure point for helicopter excursions, deep sea fishing and for boat excursions to the islands to the north of Mauritius: Gunners' Quoin, Flat Island, Round Island, and Serpent Island. Grand Baie and its surroundings also offer a large choice of fashion and craft shops, hotels and restaurants. Grand Baie is also known for its night-life as it hosts most of the island best bars and night-clubs, including Banana Café, Zanzibar or Les Enfants Terribles