About Mersrags

The rural municipality of Mērsrags (Markgrafen) is located on the west coast of the Gulf of Riga (Latvia), beside Lake Engure and surrounded by extensive woodlands. It’s situated in northwest Latvia in wooded lowland close the sea. It is in the district of Talsi, which includes the townships of Kulciems, Lauciena, Vandzene and Roja. To the south is the district of Tukums, where the townships of Engure and Zentene are situated. The total area of the municipality is 109 km2 (10896,2 ha). 63.7% of this area is woodland and Lake Engure covers 20.4%. The coastline is about 12 km. long. Talsi, the main city of the area is 42 km. from the town centre, and there are 95 km. to the capital, Riga.

Population: 1986 inhabitants (2008.06). Population density: 18.6 inhabitants/km2. Principle nationality: Latvians.

Many types of landscape can be seen; seaside, lake reservation, everglades, lagoons, the bed of the dried-up Litorīnas lake (Litorīnas ezers), the sand dune forest, and rural and urban landscapes