About Yanam

Yanam or Yanaon is a town in the Indian union territory of Puducherry; it is located in Yanam district. Yanam has some 300 years of history and is well known as French Yanam even now although it was transferred to India in 1954. It forms a 30 km² enclave in the district of East Godavari in Andhra Pradesh. It has a population of 32,000, most of whom speak Telugu. Yanam is a unique blend of French and Telugu culture prevailing in Andhra Pradesh. During French rule, the Tuesday market (mangalavaram santa) at Yanam was popular among Telugu people in the Madras Presidency who visited Yanam to buy foreign and smuggled goods during Yanam People's Festival, which is held in January. It was previously also called as kalyanapuram, because after implementation of Sarda Act in British India during 1929 many Andhra people used to come and do marriages (mainly Child marriage) here since local French government did not oppose child marriages. In 1936, Yanam Population is just 5,220.

According to the 1995–2005 Development Records it was the best constituency in Puducherry, which is moving forward in the development sector, and also one of the best constituencies in India. Many development schemes were carried out for the people compared to other places in India and Yanam was a trial-base centre for implementing the development schemes in Puducherry