About Surendranagar

Surendranagar is a city and a Municipality. It is also known as gateway to Saurashtra and as Zalawad.

Population of Surendranagar City is approximately 400,000 including population of Wadhvan City-(Twin city of Surendranagar city).

The chief agricultural product of Surendranagar district is cotton. In fact Surendranagar district is one of the highest quality producers of cotton in world. First private cotton futures trading exchange was established in Surendranagar.

Many SMEs & industry is also present, and is involved in such things as confectionery, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, engineering plastics and salt production.

Also called the Velavadar village, it is now a major trade and processing center for agricultural products, Agriculture, glass, cotton, salt, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics, textile bearings, ceramics and sanitary-ware