About Miryalaguda

Miryalaguda is a town in Nalgonda District of the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

It is the home town of a key commercial center, town, mandal & revenue divisional headquarters in the region of Telangana. This town is well developed with Underground Drainage System, Sagar Water for drinking and cement roads in all interior streets. This town has good number of apartments and the living standards are high.

Miryalguda is famous for the paddy growth and it is listed among the top 5 paddy markets in Andhra Pradesh. The new agriculture market yard under construction will be the largest in Andhra Pradesh, with a size of 45 acres (180,000 m). Water from Left canal of Nagarjuna Sagar makes Miryalguda and its surroundings green and commercially rich. The town is quite famous for its large number of rice mills in state and country, and it also has famous F.C.I (Food Corporation Of India)near to the chinthapally village and superfine quality rice exported to other districts, states and other countries. The rice industries has given more employment in the city.

The young town has been promoted as Municipality in the year 1985, youngest in the district and is competing with district capital Nalgonda. The population has been growing rapidly due to industrialization and its convenient location between coastal Andhra and Telangana. It is in close proximity to river Krishna. The only town in the district with safe, saturated and well organized drinking water supply. The town reflects both ancient traditions and carrying culture of Telangana, at the same time with new generation innovative activities.

The town gradually changing its infrastructure with the construction of new municipal offices, shopping complexes, apartments and other important commercial establishments. The State highway constructed through the city in year 1994 poured great opportunities to the town in terms of accessibility and