Culture of Junagadh

Culture of Junagadh has a blend of festivals, food and religions. The city is famous for its type of food known as Kathiyawadi. Junagadh has limited night-life but people generally like to go for a drive. Girnar taleti area is favored by most of the population due to cool weather and peaceful atmosphere. Junagadh was ruled by Muslim Nawab before the independence because of that overall culture of Junagadh is blend of both Hindu and Muslim community. Parveen Babi arguably the most beautiful actress to feature in Hindi cinema was from Junagadh. Her father, Vali Mohammed Babi, was an administrator with the Nawab of Junagadh.

Junagadh has number of theaters and Hindi cinema is very popular. Gujarati and English movies are also shown by various theaters. Various arts like Painting, Pottery, woolen clothes etc. are also exhibited from time to time. Junagadh Agricultural University is host to various exhibitions like Agricultural Exhibitions and Fair, Farmers Day camp etc. in Sardar Smruti Kendra developed solely for this purpose. City police also organizes a weapons exhibition annually.

Junagadh has a zoo named Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden known as Sakkarbaug Zoo established in 1863 in the area of around 200 hectares. The zoo provides purebred Asiatic lions for the Indian and the international endangered species captive breeding program for the critically endangered species. Currently, it is the only zoo in the country to hold African Cheetahs. The zoo also has museum of natural history.

Located in the historic city of Junagadh in Gujarat, the Durbar Hall Museum is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Gujarat. The Durbar Hall was used as durbar (court) of the erstwhile Nawabs of Junagadh. The Durbar Hall has sections like Picture Gallery, Palanquin, Textile and Arms Gallery. The Durbar Hall Museum displays collections of weapons and armor, belonging to the period of the Junagadh Nawabs along with other curios and artifacts. The museum also