About Jamui

Jamui is a city and a municipality in Jamui district in the Indian state of Bihar. It is the district headquarters of Jamui district.Jamuiwas formed as a District on 21 February 1991 as a result of its separation from Munger.Jamui is one of the famous district of Bihar, which has a glorious past.

Historical existence of Jamui has been observed from the Period of Mahabharta war. Archaeological and historical evidence shows its close association with Jain tradition for a long past to the present time. History of Bihar will remain incomplete without the history of Jamui. There are mainly two hypotheses which have been mentioned by historians regarding the origin of the name of the district Jamui. The first hypothesis said that the name of Jamui derived from “Jambhiya Gram” or “ Jribhikgram” village, which has the place of attaining ‘Omniscience’ (Kevalaygnan) of Vardhaman Mahavir and according to another hypothesis the name Jamui is originated from Jambuwani