About Hindaun

Hindaun is a town in Karauli district in Rajasthan (India). The city is located in the vicinity of the Aravalli Range and is on the main railway track between Delhi and Mumbai. It is a sub divisional headquarters in India. Its population is approximately 1 lakh. This town covers an area of 8 square kilometers (3.1 sq mi). Temperatures in summer range between 25 and 45 degrees Celsius and in winter it is between 5 and 23 degrees Celsius. It has an average elevation of 235 meters (771 ft).Distance from Hindaun to State capital Jaipur is around 150 km.

The city is also famous for stone merchants & slate Factories. Its brain talent which is evident by and lots of other Doctors, Engineers & Business administrators been given by this city especially in last Ten years.MAHU KHAS is the largest panchyat in Rajasthan. The Other famous name which will always be associated to this city is the legendary and Unique personality called Shri Ballabh Ram Kambalwal alias "Ballabh Bhaisahab', a Unique legend who got Presidential award from Ex President Gyani Zail Singh for his unique excellence in the area of Teaching. This personality got handicapped during his engineering college days due to an accident but he did not accept defeat due to this and accepted Teaching as a career. He has been a unique Teacher who has taught all the Science subjects in a single sitting (not able to sit due to physical inability) for years and have given Quality Product engineers and doctors