Economy of Gondiya


Agriculture is the main occupation of nearly 75% of the district’s population. Rich in natural beauty and bio-diversity, the district is the leading producer of rice in Maharashtra State because of its heavy rainfall and irrigation facilities. Due to this large production of rice, there are many rice mills in Gondia city. The city is thus rightfully known as the Rice City. Suvarna and Jaya varieties of rice are exported to the middle-east countries from here. As there are a number of lakes in the district, fish farming is common. Itiyadoh (Arjuni-Morgaon taluka) and Ambora (Gondia taluka) have Fish Seed Production Centre. Sugarcane is also grown in a few places. Wainganga Co-operative Sugar Factory is located at Madagi in Tiroda taluka.

Season-Main Crops

Kharif-Rice, Red gram, Black gram

Rabbi-Wheat, Sorghum, Linseed and Green Chickpea


This agrarian district has many agro-based small-scale industries also. Forest produce-based occupations include the collection of the leaves of the East Indian Ebony tree and rolling them into beedis. Fresh water fishing, collection of gum and sealing wax from the forests, weaving bamboo baskets, making various items made from clay such as bricks, roof tiles, pots and utensils and articles from animal horns are some of the other popular occupations. Adani Power Plant in Tirora is the only big unit near Gondia. Industrial estates have been established in the city of Gondia and Tiroda.

Type of Industry / Business-Location

Manganese ore purification-Madagi (Tiroda taluka)

Oil mills-Khamari (Gondia taluka)

Rice mills-Gondia, Tiroda, Goregaon, Amgaon, Mundikota

Saw mills-Gondia, Tiroda, Navegaon Bandh, Amgaon, Mundikota

Paper mill-Changera (Gondia taluka)

Tiles-Rajegaon (Gondia