About Dindigul

Dindigul is a city and district headquarters in Tamil Nadu state of southern India. It is the 11th-largest urban agglomeration based on the 2011 census in Tamil Nadu. The name Dindigul comes from a portmanteau of “Thindu” meaning pillow and “kal” meaningrock and refers to the bare hill dominating the city’s both land and skyscape. While it is largely known as the “City of Locks, Briyani City, Textiles and Tannery", this piece of land sandwiched between the Palani and Sirumalai Hills has 200,000 hectares of cultivable land and agriculture continues to be the main occupation of its inhabitants. There is a reserved forest area of 85 hectares rich in flora and fauna. Particularly, the Kurinji flowers found on the rolling green hills of lower Palani range, which bloom once in 12 years, are well known