About Nahuala

Nahualá is a municipality in the Sololá department of Guatemala. The town is sometimes known as Santa Catarina Nahualá, in honor of the town’s patron saint, Saint Catherine of Alexandria, but the official name is just "Nahualá".

Nahualá or Nawala' is also the K'iche' (Quiché) language name for the Nahualate River, which is called Niwala' the local Nahualá dialect. The river has its source in the north of the township of Nahualá, and flows through the center of the town's cabecera ("head-town").

Nahuala is the location of radio station Nawal Estereo, the successor to the La Voz de Nahuala, which was originally founded with the assistance of Roman Catholic clerics in the 1960s. Nowadays, the station broadcasts primarily in the K'iche' language, with some broadcasts also done in Kaqchikel and Spanish