About Koforidua

Koforidua, also popularly known as Kof-town and K-dua, is a town and capital of the Eastern Region of Ghana, and is about two hours by road from Accra via Nsawam Road through Suhum. Koforidua is the thirteenth most populous settlement in Ghana, in terms of population, with a population of 127,334 people (2012 census).

Koforidua serves as a commercial center for the region and New-Juaben Municipal District. It is regarded as one of the calmest and coolest towns in the country. The town is home to many businesses with the exception of heavy duty industries. Many companies in the country do not resort to establishing branches in Koforidua because of its nearness to Accra. However, with the recent construction of the two-going-two-coming highway road linking Adeiso, Koforidua, to Oyoko is bringing much attention to the town. That highway road serves as a valid altenative route to reach Kumasi when travelling from Accra