Travel to Ostrava

By train

•    Prague:

o    3½h, Czech Railway's IC/EC every two hours (CZK 457 regular fare, CZK 229 companions in a group of 2 or more people, but best price is CZK 230 with SporoTicket).

o    3h, Czech Railway's SC Pendolino every one or two hours (prices as above plus CZK 100–200 compulsory reservation fee)

o    3½h, new operator RegioJet several times a day. Tickets are generally sold online and start at CZK 230.

•    Brno: 2½h, hourly fast trains

•    Olomouc: 1h, IC/EC trains and SC Pendolino (compulsory reservation) every two hours. Beware of some fast trains (rychlík) from Olomouc to Ostrava, they go longer way through Jeseníky mountains for more than 3 hours.

•    Warszawa: 4½h, three ECs a day

Moreover there are direct connections from Vienna, Bratislava, Žilina, Budapest, Kiev and Moscow. There's no direct connection from Kraków (except some night trains arriving at Ostrava in the middle of the night); the trip with change at Jaworzno Szczakowa and Katowice lasts over 5 hours.

Ostrava has two main train stations, Ostrava hl.n. in the north and Ostrava-Svinov in the west of the city. Fast and international trains stop at both of them.

By bus

The main bus station in Ostrava is Ostrava ÚAN. Student Agency offers 5 buses a day from Brno, the journey time is 2¾ hours.

By air

Ostrava has an international airport  called Ostrava Leos Janacek Airport with regular services to Prague (Czech Airlines, 3-4 times daily) and Paris (Smart Wings, 2 flights per week - operating on Thursday and Sunday). Hourly buses from the airport to Ostrava city center through main bus station, a 40-minute ride, depart between 7:15AM and 10:15PM, tickets can be bought from drivers