About Killbear Point Provincial Park

 Kill bear Provincial Park is a park located on Georgian Bay in Parry Sound District, Ontario near the town of Nobel.

Activities in the park include camping, swimming, boating, cycling and fishing. The park's proximity to southern Ontario make it very popular, especially in peak season, and reservations are often necessary despite its large number of campsites. The campsites are divided into campgrounds which are often focused on a feature like a beach. They include: Beaver Dams, Blind Bay, Georgian, Granite Saddle, Harold Point, Kilocurie Bay, and Lighthouse.

Kill bear combines sandy beaches with the granite and pines of the Canadian Shield. The park provides habitat for the threatened eastern Mississauga Rattlesnake, Ontario's only venomous snake. There are many "Please Brake for Snakes" signs along the park's roadways. Other reptiles found in the park include the:

* Eastern Fox Snake

*  Eastern Hognose Snake

Canadian songwriter Hayden Dessert has a song entitled "Kill bear" on his 2004 album Elk-Lake Serenade.

2010 marks the 50th Anniversary of the official opening of Kill bear Provincial Park