About Tomislavgrad

Tomislavgrad is a town and municipality in southwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina and also seat of the Assembly of Canton 10. Tomislavgrad is in the northern Herzegovina region in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.The city name means literally "Tomislav town". The name was changed from Duvno in 1925 by king Aleksandar Karađorđević in tribute to king Tomislav - who was crowned in this area in 925 as the king of Croatia. The name was restored to Duvno after World War II Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. During the 1990s it was once again changed to Tomislavgrad. Still, among inhabitants osf Bosnia and Herzegovina, the local residents are often referred as "Duvnjaci" (Duvniaks-inhabitants) and the town is often called Duvno. Also, the town is sometimes referred to simply as "Tomislav". The Roman Catholic diocese in that area is still called Mostar-Duvno. During the Roman Empire the city was called Delminium and during the Kingdom of Croatia, Županjac. Under the Ottoman Empire, it was called Županj-potok and in Austria-Hungary, Županjac