About Bogra

Bogra  is a town, and one of the oldest towns in northern Bangladesh. It is a centre of commerce and trade within the Bogra District and located under the Rajshahi Division. Bogra is sometimes described as the nerve centre of Northern Bangladesh, it is also a bridge between Rajshahi Division and Rangpur Division. The area of the town is approximately 71.56 km2 (27.63 sq mi), and after becoming a municipality (first ever Mayor of the municipality is Adv. Mahabubar Rahman), it is consists of 21 wards (after the recent greater extension). Among many notable activities, it has been hosting cricket test matches in Shaheed Chandu Stadium. Bogra is also the battle honour of 5/11 Gorkha Rifles of Indian Army which fought a fierce battle with Pakistani army here during the Liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971 along with Muktibahni.

Bogra town also has an importance in terms of transport in northern Bangladesh, as it's situated at the centre. Very close to the town there is a place called Mahasthangarh which was the earliest capital city of Bangladesh, formerly known as Pundravardhana. This place is considered to be sacred by Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus alike and is visited by tourists from all over Bangladesh throughout the year.

1971 War Hero, Sector Commander, Head of the "Z-Force", Former President of Bangladesh, Maj. Gen. Ziaur Rahman, founder of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party(BNP) was born in the Gabtoli Thana under Bogra District. Former Diplomat and Prime Minister of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Bogra was also born in Bogra